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And here is the strange little piece that last prompt gave me...

They can see everything now. Technology has given Them everything. They can tell who your mother is, what you do for a living, your middle name, where you buy take-aways and what kind of toothpaste you use. They control everything. They control the number of flavours you can get in HubbaBubba, the cost of hair spray, what goes in the newspaper, what goes in the dictionary. In the next edition They've emitted 'Privacy'.

There is no point to having walls. They are transparent. No point to clothes, Their eyes see right through them, through your skin...

So I run. I run through a transparent wall and strip of all my transparent clothes. I run from Their eyes and search. I search and search. Until I find a place. One of the rare havens left on Earth. Nature with a capital 'N'. Pure, unbridled Nature... She wraps her thick green arms around me and shields me. So I sit. I sit and mourn with Nature under a sympathetic moon.

They control almost everything. Soon Nature will be transparent too...
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