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for the second prompt [toldja it would be done today!]

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<font="verdana"><font size="1">Look at the portrait. What does it mean? The transparency, the rocks. From where does the viewer stand? Is he on the outside, looking in on the seemingly sad man? Or is he on the inside, waiting patiently on the sidelines to comfort the melancholy figure?

<lj-cut text="Not THAT long">Perspective changes. You become the portrait, your vision blurs. You can feel your form changing shape, and your essence is sucked into it, in a figure resembling the man of gloominess. The oh-so lonely man on the rock. Perhaps now his views will become yours and it shall reveal to you his bleakness. The colours of the worlds mix and mesh into the black of nothingness. The black of emptiness.

Open your eyes. Do it! Do it now!

Your eyes flicker open and what you see astounds you. What you saw in the picture, the landscape was nothing like this. It was all dreary and dull, dead and boring. Polar opposites do exist, as this view shows you.

The gently rolling hills give way to beautiful fields that eventually turn to forests filled with the tallest trees, with the greenest of leaves. Even from your vantage point on the rock, you can see small animals frolicking among one another, happy in their own way.

Stepping down from the shaky boulder, you slowly stroll down a path that you have discovered, ready to explore this new world. You come to the once polluted river, and peer into it. It has now been restored, changed into a bubbly little brook, just asking for you to come and play. You smile as you see an amber-coloured doe and her young fawn come closely to you to drink from the brook.

As you start to make your way back down the path to investigate further on this portrait, you're interrupted by a sharp cough. Turning around, you see the dispirited man, sitting on the rock as you once were. Intrigued by his ever present serious and gloomy nature, you walk towards him.

"Hello there sir." His head jerks up quickly at the sound of your voice. "I was wondering, sir. Why are you so sad in all of this beauty? Just the sight of this tranquillity could cure the worst of depressions."

A great sign erupts from his chest. "Eternal damnation for my soulless decisions. I was an artist."

"Yes? As an artist wouldn't you appreciate a scene such as this?"

A snort. "I'm blind, sonny. Forever and a day, gone is my vision, gone is my soul."</lj-cut>
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