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The Transparent Walls One

Here it is yup...I've been out of it for a while but I came back...and here it is. Now I'm away to work on the other one...ten to go ya know..

Am I crazy yet? I see the walls around me...yet they really aren't there are they? I'm finally free in the nature of the world. I have run away from my fears! Finally I have broken away from fear and pain. I can frolick in the feilds forever. I can live my life. I could create a commune for people who live in the wilderness. Living as native americans did. Using every part of the animal to live. As I get up off the rock I see the flowers and the world around me as the walls fade away. The shrubbery is formed in ways I've never seen. This reminds me of Charlie and the chocolate factory. I run up to taste the gumdrop trees. The world is finally beautiful in my eyes... the gumdrops taste mettallic. your eyes Dave. The walls are real so are the padded are the inside of my are the pills to get rid of the visions...just because they are real doesen't mean they work...just like the walls.
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