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Yep 10...9...8...7..6..5..4..3..2...1:


I opened the file as I walked down the street towards the house. It gave instructions on where we were to meet and how I was to lure the person. The job is dirty but someone has to do it...well not really i's terrorism but you know. The instructions spoke of a dark haired girl that would be tall. Not beautiful but not terrible. Blue eyes...why would I get close enough to see the eyes? Joe always did this worrying himself with the details. The girl didn't really matter. It was just in the scheme of things the story. How they had repressed us. Made us believe we were all the same in our Old Navy and more. The label on the front of the folder said '10TOGO' finally we were nearing the end. It was draining the life out of me. I read the instructions. Ripped the label off the front and stuck in on the ground in front of her steps. I waited behind the trees in her yard. I saw her from a mile away with her bright orange shoes.
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