umph (catatonik) wrote in visualprompts,

Just like I promised

I'm really not satisfied with how this one came out, but I'll post it anyway.
((response to the picture posted: here)) by omgcats

There was something about you, when I first saw you, that made little pieces of me kind of disappear. They were still around, of course, they just kind of didn't matter any more. You were everything I feared dressed up so beautifully... how could I let that affect me? I had places to be, you know. I just kind of stopped noncommitally, scared to keep moving but scared to stay here, too. What were you trying to say to me, in that? You just brushed against me as a stranger would but all these electrons flowed, between us. I want to laugh about you, a faceless entity, but that's what made you so beautiful. It made me that way too.
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